Any artistic endeavor which aspires to beauty is philosophical or, in the absolute sense, it is wisdom.

Al Farabi

Harmony - that was what a Turkish viola player noticed every time she practiced with certain fellow musicians from Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra – the way they naturally tuned into each other, both literally and figuratively speaking. That was how Cinemoon Ensemble started, taking the motto of their birthplace , Qatar Foundation, at its word, i.e. “Unlocking Human Potential”.

Nine musicians have come together to share their passion for music with the world and, from their acclaimed debut in February 2014 at the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, Cinemoon Ensemble has enjoyed increasing popularity and great success. Cinemoon resembles the multicultural nature of its home city –Doha - with members from different countries.

Enriched by their differences and similarities, the group performs music of all genres - film music, ethnic, classical, etc. - bringing together audiences from the most diverse cultural backgrounds, generations and races. Cinemoon goes beyond geographic borders and gives wings to the imagination of its listeners. Currently, Cinemoon Ensemble are engaged in concerts, private events, recordings and are open to further invitations.